Saturday, 27 June 2015

FUTAFIREFOX CLUB: Introductory Event 101

The much anticipated Introductory Event of Federal University of Technology, Akure Firefox Club (futafirefox club) started exactly at 02:00pm UTC with participants on sit. FSAs where so excited and full of life about coming together as a club. 


The club lead introduced himself and discussed how he found out about Mozilla, he talked about the latest development of Mozilla and the firefox OS. After the CL’s introduction, the participants introduced themselves talking about their skills, likes, dislikes, nicknames and so on. 

The CL talked about the benefits of affiliating with the club on campus as they will be given the golden opportunity to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web, control the web, learn new stuffs, use the web maker’s tool kit, have a feel of what the firefox OS looks like, and other important information needed for the development of the Mozilla, futa firefox club and firefox community.

Ayodele Adeyemo, a GIS expert and developer came up and discussed the importance of Mozilla to us as students and explained some aspects of the community where FSAs could really get busy with and “do cool things that matters”.

FUTA firefox club presently have 6 club executives: Marketing lead, Web Education lead, Membership lead, Publicity lead, and Developer’s relations lead, each of them talked and discussed about core Mozilla brands and products via a power point presentations. Lots of questions was asked by the new FSAs and the CL and the executives, did answer the questions well. The club lead discussed activities to be carried out with the other FSAs and talked about updates on future activities such as the Maker’s party coming up by July 15-31. 

The CL asked questions and the FSAs answered all questions correctly. In summary, it was a great experience sharing ideas and working together as a team, FSAs on campus are dedicated and ready to contribute and explore the Mozilla community.
Confession: from the look of things and with the hope of a better future, FUTA firefox Club is and will be the best Firefox Student Ambassadors Club ever! #FoxYeah #FoxYeah #FoxYeah
The event ended at exactly 04:15pm UTC

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