Thursday, 9 May 2013

Untitled Fiction (cont.)

All she heard was a loud bang on her head and next was darkness.

He pushed her body down the stairs,she rolled down the first flight of stairs,rolled her down the second flight and then the third.

He was sure she would be dead by now,she felt her neck for a pulse,he didn't feel one,he gave her a sharp kick in the Bottom. Crossing over her body,he walked away.

Simi was wondering what the hell was taking her so long. When did taking 3 flight of stairs have to take over 30 minutes.

She walked over to the entrance of the building, she was about stepping in when someone pushed her down.

''Are you blind?'' she screamed.

The fellow did not even look back, he ran into the road, and then she heard a loud bang. Simi looked onto the road and there was the fellow who had rushed out, lying on the road, blood oozing profusely out of his head.

He was undoubtedly dead.
huh''O my God'' Simi screamed.

Turning left and right,totally confused on what to do. The driver who hit the man had run away.

How was she supposed to get help?. Infact what was she doing here

'i was here so i could go out with teniola....' she muttered aloud.

''Teniola!!'' she screamed, running into the building, she turned towards the staircase. She felt her leg hit something fleshy and then she fell.

Standing up hurriedly,she looked back to see what was the cause of her fall. And then she saw Teniola lying in the pool of her own blood.

Blood made her feel dizzy, the smell and the colour could make her faint.
But now was not the time to faint,she searched for her phone in her bag,she was shaking,she could not find it. She poured all the contents of the bag on the floor and then she saw her phone tumble out.
Picking it up with shaky hands,she dialed the emergency number.

'This is the government helpline,how can we help you?' the voice at the other end said.

''I need an ambulance at Blossom advertising agency now'' Simi said in a tearful voice.

''Ok,madam,calm down, we will be right there.

''Be fast please'' she said.

Slowly with her eyes closed, she felt Teniola's neck for a pulse,she didn't feel anything.

Tears rushed down her eyes.

''Teniola,don't die now'' she wailed.

And then she stretched her hand again feeling her neck and there it was, a very faint pulse. The ambulance came and took Teniola away. Simi sat beside her throughout the ride to the hospital. Teniola was ''hanging by a thread'', that was what the medical personnel had said.

''Oh God,please don't let her die'' Simi muttered.

They got to the hospital and Teniola was carried out. As they headed towards the operating room, Simi was asked to stay back, It was then it occured to her to call Teniola's mum.

After the operation which was successful,the family trooped in to see Teniola.

Teary-eyed sleepless people filed into her room.

Teniola's mum walked up to her bedside and held her hands while Simi watched on.

''How are you feeling?'' her mum asked.

No answer. Teni just looked on, Her mom panicked,she had been told how fatal her fall was, she had also been told the type of complications that could occur.

''Is she dumb?'' the mom asked looking at the doctor.

''Hmm...lets not conclude yet..she is stil recovering. By tomorrow, we would know if dere has been any complications''

''Ok'' her mum replied, tears filling her eyes.

Just then,Teni moved her lips. The doctor moved closer,trying to pick out what she was saying.

Teniola coughed a little and then a little louder,she said,
''Who are you people?''

And then her mother started her tears afresh.

Teniola obviously had one of the complications the doctors had told her mom.

She had memory loss. The boss had been calling michael's number for the past two days,there was no response, 'this boy is messing with me'he thought.
He paced around his office, Teniola had to die, it was necessary, it was mandatory, she had to die!!!
He had seen the look on micheal's face when he was asked to kill his boss. Michael had broken a fundamental rule of the job, he had fallen for his boss.
''!'' he muttered aloud.
Whatever hole micheal was hiding,he was going to fish him out. Nobody messes with him and gets away with it.

Luckily for Teniola,all she had was temporary memory loss. Six months after she was okay although she still had to pay frequent visits to the physical therapist. A lot of persuasion and begging was what was still keeping her at home as she felt she was ready to get back to work.
She remembered everything now except for that horrible night that marked her 27th birthday. Teniola stood in front of the building, the building which was her office complex, the building where all her strength and sweat for the past few years had gone into,the building where she had been attacked.

Simi standing beside her asked
''Are you okay?''
''I will be'' she replied.
''You know if you can't do this today, you can always come back some other time'' Simi added.
''If i do not do this now simi, I never will'' she said, walking into the building.

The boss sat down staring at his door, The boys he had sent to look for Michael had come back with a report.

Micheal was dead,knocked down by an hit and run driver.

''silly,foolish boy'' he muttered aloud. Micheal had been killing before now, and then to kill his boss had caused his death. He had even heard that Teniola had not died.

''Clumsy bastard'' he muttered aloud again.

He could not even get Micheal's body, he was probably buried already. And if he was not buried yet,he could not be combing cementaries around for him, that would be total waste of resources.

''Rest in peace,Micheal' he said aloud. Walking into her office did not feel the same,not only because of the way her workers were staring with eyes full of pity,but because in this same building where she had walked in for years and felt security,comfort and power. She now felt insecure,angry and powerless.
She sat in her chair and closed her eyes,praying that if there was still a God somewhere,he would pump her up with lots of redbull and powerhorse drinks that flowed straight from his throne because she sure needed lots of strength to keep going at this her workplace.

3 hours after she had called the diffferent departmental heads to give her a summary of what she had missed. She decided to call for a staff meeting. She pressed the intercom..
''Evelyn,get everyone in the boardroom for a brief meeting''
''Yes boss'' Evelyn replied. Everybody gathered in the conference Teniola stepped in,she noticed the look on their faces...she did not need pity from any one of them. Pity was not going to make her company grow neither was it going to bring in new funds. So they had better get those pity-faces of theirs in the trash can and put on the ''teniola'' face.

''Goodmorning everybody'' she greeted.
Different mumbles and tones of ''Goodmorning Teniola'' was said back.
She scanned their faces, someone was missing, she looked around again,trying to put everybody in their places in her mind, she looked around again,yea,she knew someone was missing.

Micheal was missing.

There were a lot of whisperings in the conference room, which amounted to a little amount of noise.

And then,she voiced out at last.

''Where is micheal?''

An heavy cloud of silence fell on the room. No one could reply. ''Can someone please tell me where micheal is?'' Teniola asked,looking at the faces in front of her.
''Am sorry people, this meeting will no go further if someone does not speak up.'' she said,relaxing back in her chair. He paced the room, here he was in the deepest part of the jungle and he could not even think. 'no one is going to find me ere' he thought.
He had dyed his hair to a light shade of brown, as much as he wanted to keep his moustache,he had shaved it.
'Where is this guy?' he murmured.
He sat on the bed and kept his head in his arms.
Just then there was a knock on the door. Picking up his gun,he walked slowly to the door.
''Who is it?'' He asked.
''Dead man walking'' the voice on the other end replied.
He kept the gun at the back of his jean and opened the door.
Grinning from ear to ear, Alex came in.
''Hey micheal, I heard you were dead''. ''Hmmm...Teniola'' Evelyn said.

''Yes, Evelyn, you've got something to say?'' Teniola said turning and looking into evelyn's face.

''I think we should go to the office and talk about this'' Evelyn replied,looking down.

''Oh no, whatever you have to say, you say it now and in front of everyone.'' she said, not blinking.

''Ok..On ur birthday, Micheal came to my office to drop his resignation letter, he wanted to give it to you, but it was your birthday and i ddn't think he should drop something like that on i...''

''Excuse me, evelyn, don't i decide what would be a shock to me, and what the heck is the big deal about my birthday? because its my birthday, you thought i couldn't cope with a resignation letter?'' Teniola cut in.

''I just ddn't want.....'' Evelyn attempted to reply.

''I think you have said enough,evelyn'' she said looking at her face.

Turning to face the others, she said ''Every head of department should submit a summary of all that has happened between when i was here last and today, i want those set of reports on my table in 2 hours''

Rising up and walking to the door, she said ''This meeting is over''. {to be continued}