Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jay-Z Unveils Lyrics To Beyonce, Frank Ocean Collaborations On MCHG

With just one week to go before Jay-Z’s upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail drops, Jay-Z has unveiled lyrics to a couple of collaborations on the highly anticipated album.
We have lyrics to Part II which features Beyoncé with lyrics that sound like we could be looking at Bonnie and Clyde part 2!
Another collaboration on MCHG is the piano-driven Oceans with Frank Ocean – how appropriate – which Jay says “sounds like a celebration of where we are now on some big yacht, throwing champagne in the water but the undertow of the thing is that this is the same water that brought us here originally as slaves, so it has this old duality and how we are rewriting history.”
1 million Samsung Galaxy owners will receive a free copy of MCGH on July 4th while the rest of us mere mortals will have to wait until July 9th before we can get our hands on it.