Monday, 13 January 2014

The Power of the Galaxy!

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Star, these devices are designed to give access to innovation and its affordable for everybody.

Samsung Galaxy STAR
Get the Latest Android OS that delivers utmost smartphone functionality with top Google-powered performance.

 Fast connectivity, Wi-Fi access and BT 4.0 for quick downloading of apps, and easy content sharing.
Generous memory(4GB + 512MB RAM) that accommodates the most vigorous smartphone usage.
Get a kick out of the rich apps and content which come on your touch screen, Dual SIM, affordable Samsung Galaxy STAR! 

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Get a smart phone that offers a strong processor, fast connectivity options and a premium user interface.
Ace 3 is powered with A5 1 GHz processor, Latest Android Operating System (JellyBean)& 512 MB RAM to deliver the fastest & most seamless Smartphone experience. It has “Hybrid dual SIM always on” functionality that allows you to multitask on two lines simultaneously.

The Ace 3 offers large 4” WVGA display for web browsing and 2 Mega Pixel Camera for vivid viewing.
Get ahead with a generous memory capacity of 4GBexpandable memory slot of 64 GBall in a 50 GB drop box enabled affordable Samsung Galaxy Ace!

So whether its the Samsung Galaxy Star or the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 you can be sure ofsuperiorperformance + Smart experience.

You can find out more about the devices here