Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Windows Superiority Over Apple: 5 Things The Flagship Windows Phone Can Do That The IPhone 6 Can’t!

I saw this on WinBeta, the article was written by Kenny Larson and he wanted people to know the Windows Superiority over Apple.

We all know that our Windows brothers and sisters are used to being looked down upon and are always getting negative comments about their devices as a result of the Windows OS. Kenny feels the Windows users need not feel sad or worried. According to him, There is a definitive list of 5 things that you can proudly say that your flagship Windows Phone can do that even the mighty iPhone 6 can’t”

So let’s begin.

1. Camera: Image Stabilization

According to Kenny, the Windows Lumia has an inbuilt optical image stabilization feature that compensates for your shaky hands when taking pictures. however, the Apple devices especially the IPhone 6 lack this important feature.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.41.51 PM
Also, flagship Lumia phones export raw image files in Adobe universal DNG format (by the way RAW image files help you edit the image without losing any quality), that is something the IPhone 6 cannot do.


2. Cortana vs Siri

We all know what Cortana is, however, there are some things Cortana can do that Siri can’t do, for one, you can activate Cortana while the screen is off with your voice, without being plugged in. Siri can also be voice-activated but the phone must be plugged in first.
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.52.48 PM

You can also type requests into the text box with Cortana. This can be useful when you are in places where you can’t make noise. You can’t do this with Siri.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.46.32 PM

3. Live Tiles

Well, isn’t this obvious? even though I am of the opinion that the live tiles feature isn’t necessary a USP but we should bear in mind that the articles reads: 5 things windows phones can do that the IPhone 6 can’t, so this is valid.

With Live tiles, you get a quick glance at your home screen that allows you see all your notifications from your apps without having to launch the app which can amount to  you saving time. Kenny broke it down using the example below:

“Let’s say an iPhone user checks 50 app notifications a day. Let’s say that each check takes 5 seconds. That’s 250 seconds a day, 1,750 seconds a week and 7,000 seconds a month. 7,000 seconds is more than 116 minutes or nearly 2 hours a month wasted checking notifications. That means this particular iPhone user will waste an entire day every year doing nothing but figuring out what that little red number at the corner of the app icon means.”

4. Customizable Home Screen

With the Live tiles comes the ability to customize your home screen  – according to Kenny you will never find two Windows phones that look the same unlike the Apple devices.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 7.32.20 PM

5. Kid’s Corner

The ability to give kids access to your phone is the last thing Kenny thinks the Windows OS can do and the IPhone 6 can’t. The fact that you can give a kid the windows OS and not worry about him/her messing up with your important information is something every Windows user should feel proud about

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 7.32.55 PM

However, these are Kenny’s opinions.  What do you think? Are these viable points to count in favor of the Windows OS.

Windows OS users oya talk!!!