Thursday, 25 April 2013


                             UNTITLED FICTION
          Author: GENTIEJAG

     As she stepped into the office building, she started to wonder what was happening,the gate-man was not at his post..
'maybe he has fallen ill today AGAIN' she thought.

'I am soon going to fire his sorry Bottom'
she got to the reception and the receptionist wasn't there too neither were the cleaners doing their jobs.

'where the hell is everybody?'she said out loud. Feeling strange,she walked towards the staircase,fumbling through her bag for her phone,she called the receptionist,she was ready to fire all her workers if need be...

As the phone gave the dialing tone in her ears,she said out loud.'mass incompetencehuh??!,no way am i taking that'!.
And then she heard the phone company's voice..'the number you are dialing is not picking....' She pressed the red button on her blackberry without waiting for the voice to finish its sentence.

She mounted the stairs,pinging everyone who was her staff on her BBM list...all the cubicles were empty,no one was replying her pings.
She got to the last floor,walking to her office,her secretary wasn't there too...

'what the hell is happening?' she muttered aloud,inserting the key in her door,bending the doorknob she entered her office.
And then she heard a loud and deafening 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY,BOSS' 

 'you've got to be kidding me' she said aloud..

the whole place was filled with balloons,flowers,gifts and then there was this large cake on her table,everyone at work knew that their boss had a weakness for cakes. With all eyes on her,she walked over to d cake,purring over it.

'My oh my!!' she said
'i don't know what to say' she said,turning away from her cake and facing the beaming and smiling faces.
'thank you everyone' she said aloud.
'OK i guess i can say let the party begin'
And then her office became lively again, with her co-workers hugging her,wishing her well

45 mins later,they were out of her office, the cleaners were in, cleaning the place.
She couldn't stop smiling to herself,she hadn't even remembered that it was her birthday.

Looking at what was left of her cake,she picked a slice,savoring the taste.

''What a splendid birthday'' she said aloud.
Just then the intercom buzzed

'Yea' she answered.
'Your 10 o'clock wants to know if the meeting will still hold?' her secretary asked.
Glancing at her wristwatch,she replied ''sure it will'
'Are you done typing the report?' she asked.
'Yes,i am' the secretary answered.
'Come in,lets go over it.' she said,hanging up the phone

'Back to work,birthday gal' she said smiling to herself. He walked into the garage,glancing back every 5 seconds to see if he was being followed. He doubted if he would be followed though,today was his boss's birthday,no one would notice if he wasn't in his office.

the thought of his boss had his prick stretching, she was undoubtedly hot and he kept hoping and praying that one day,she will notice him and his love for her.

He hoped she would appreciate d gift he had dropped amongst the other ones in her office, Because he had taken time to shop for that gift.

His thoughts drifted back to why he had been called by his superiors for an urgent meeting at the location where he was. He was getting used to the normal life,almost forgetting that he was an officer whose job was to kill for a secret group.

A limousine pulled up beside him,d rear window went down and then he heard that voice that sends shivers down his was THE BOSS. He had arranged that they meet although he didn't know why.

''Good morning officer'' the boss greeted.

''Good morning sir' he replied.

''i have got a very simple assignment for you and that assignment must be completed before the end of today. Your boss is 27 today and it marks the end of her stay on earth...''

''Am sorry sir,but am......''

''Oh officer! Do i need to spell it out for youhuh?..fine i will if u need me to..kill her!''

''But sir, she hasn't been on our list not ever before, why should she be eliminated?.'' he asked

''I expect a status report by 9pm, have a nice day officer''

the automatic window went up and the limousine drove away. Rising up, 
marking d end of her 10 o'clock meeting. She stretched her hand forward for a handshake

''Thank you very much,Mr Charles''

''Its a pleasure doing business with you, Miss Teniola.''

''Hoping to see you very much around.''

''Sure'' he replied,picking up his briefcase.

''Have a nice day'' Teniola said

''You too''. Charles replied,stepping out of the office.

Teniola sat back in her chair,today was going well so far,it was her birthday,she had a surprise mini-party,she just closed a deal with a very huge advertising company. Her day was going well.

Being the head of an advertising agency was not easy. 2 years in the business and she was moving so fast that she couldn't even breathe.

She remembered when she started,there were lots of discouragement,first came the gender issue,den came the financial aspect,den came d competition aspect which was the part where ''females could not handle'' as said by her dad.
But she loved competition, infact that's what keeps the firm going, that's what keeps her going.

She felt she had everything in life,but her mom wouldn't stop rubbing d 'marriage' issue in. D fuss about marriage she couldn't understand. Anytime she thought '' marriage'',d word ''bondage'' was always tagging along.

Anyways she would not bother herself wit ''bondage'' thoughts. The day was still going splendidly well to be ruined by ''bondage'' thoughts.

She pressed the intercom

''Yes boss,'' the voice on the other line said.

''Evelyn,Get me Michael'' teniola said.

''Alright ma'' Evelyn, her secretary replied. The clock on her table said 5pm,it was closing time but she usually loved to stay back,finish paper works and do some meditation.

But today was her birthday and she could not be doing paperwork,she had to go somewhere or probably go home and sleep.

Just then her phone rang.

''Hello simi'' Teniola said

''Birthday girl,how are you doing?' Simi replied.

''Am fine,enjoying my day'' Teni said.

''You call staying in your office after-hours on ur birthday enjoyment?''.

''Whatever Simi,not every1 can jump around like you'.

'OK,am outside,parked in front of your office,dont persuade me to come in cos am nt taking d steps since u av refused to install an elevator.'' Simi complained

''Climbing the stairs is good exercise,Simi''

''At some minutes to 6pmhuh,Gal,am in no mood for any exercise,just get the hell down here and lets hit a club''

''A clubhuh??Simi!!!..You no i don't do tings like that.....''

''Am waiting'' Simi said,ending the call.

'Oh me from dis devil called Simi' she muttered aloud,clearing the table and grabbing her bag. She switched off all the lights and walked over to the staircase.

Little did she know that there was a shadow creeping after her. {to be continued...}