Friday, 26 April 2013

The Matter

         Well, i don't think i like this but it's on.. lol i'm a bad writer, i prefer expressing my thoughts physically although i'm a very shy person too, but this shit should help out i guess!          
         To be honest, i still see my self as a very imperfect, special,funny amazing dude despite the fact that i'm no super hero, hoping someday i would be actually, nah! childish thing.. hitting the nail now without digressing
       it's actually all about me, i'm a puzzle I cannot solve. Confused? You’re welcome to try. In actual fact, I’m plagued by this fact. 
          That many people flippantly claim to know me when I’m not quite sure I know myself? Is there something I’m not seeing? i wonder! things i do at times amaze me and i be like damn, "benjamin are you sure about this??" but i do try to follow my heart, to follow my own compass. At the same time, I try not to follow blindly, but pay a very close attention to where this heart of mine is leading me… yea right! iont do much writing i have to rest a lil now. It's on! i'm just getting started.