Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rihanna Is Pregnant ……( See Picture )

Being pregnant and having babies has to be the new cool in USA as several celebrities have been reported pregnant or having babies. The most recent development came after our reporter confirmed that popular singer Rihanna is pregnant.
According to report,she was spotted in a Los Angeles hospital with other pregnant women having ante-natal lectures.
What’s weird to us is that,her tummy wasn’t bigger but her fore-head was. We all know Riri’s forehead is big but the picture below is what she looks like presently.
The doctor said “Yes she is pregnant and its quite astonishing that instead of the baby being in her stomach Its in her fore-head but after several test which confirmed her pregnancy,Riri seems to be the only woman in the world to have conceived in her forehead”
Doctors would have to operate on her and transfer the baby to her womb for proper growth and delivery.
Our reporter was able to tip-off an Intern doctor to confirm the reports , Speaking in confidence to our correspondent, the doctor said that the singer has a peculiar case of pregnancy called a “Cranial Pregnancy”, in which the baby grows in the forehead of the mother.
This could be caused by swallowing of sperm, which finds its way into the head through the nasal passages, or by allowing men to ejaculate in the ear(s).
More as this shocking tale develops. #weird?