Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Why Kim Kardashian Released This Picture Of North West

An exclusive photo of Kim & Kanye's baby, North West would probably fetch millions as the world is eager to see this baby girl. So, Kim Kardashian decided to play a fast one on her friends.

 32-year-old Kim reportedly  sent a few friends a fake picture of her baby, who is called North West, to see who would try to sell them to the press.
One of Kim’s so-called pals attempted to sell the bogus photo of a newborn to a publication.

The baby, who is seen wrapped in a blanket, could easily pass for being the child of Kim and Kanye West, who was born June 15.

But sources have confirmed that the photo Kim sent around was a fake.A second picture of a different baby, which is also believed not to be North, has been doing the rounds, TMZ claimed a friend of Kim tried to sell the photo.

It's also said Kanye will not be selling photos of their baby girl to the press.