Friday, 9 August 2013


·        He lived a hundred years,
Wizened with time and age
Blessed with seven children;
Left with only younger friends and relations

·        He lived to the fullest
His one life none other
Putting at the feet of his community
His entire active life

·        He lived his time
The last years, in fulsome joy
Bent by the elements
Unperturbed about the future

·        Then the centenarian failed to rise one day
A smile on his wrinkled face raised his right hand slowly
To bless all those in sight, the Lord is with you
Because you have looked after me

·        It shall be well with you,
Because you have taken good care of me
The way a child should his father, in old age
Your children too shall look after you in old age

·        You would grow old, older than I am
You’ll not go until bent by age
Like your father, you acquire
Also your own walking stick