Tuesday, 30 April 2013

ANGER 30th of April

     So you know, i'm still around look for things, observing them, learning and all that.. life is beautiful that is if you decide on your own that it is, although it has not been that easy, ups and downs, hustling to make a better living.... damn, i just farted! something i dont really wanna talk about. well, i feel i could pour out my mind here writing anything. looking at it, there's something that's general which would always occur not by mistake but in most cases geared up "ANGER". For the first time in a very long time, i got annoyed, who caused it? she did. i hate some "un-sexy" nicknames blah blah blah, end of story i'd better reserve that for later. came across something lately which i'll share. jacob Hill expressed it better, it goes thus: Anger fills my heart and soul, Anger takes a mighty toll, It lessens but can never leave. Anger you hope to never receive, It stays forever within
Anger acts with the might of all sin
Anger is deadly to all around
Anger gets mad at the thought of sound
Anger is the thoughts in my head
Anger that’s mine all should dread
Anger for me is different from you
Anger you see tells me what to do
Anger will sit and whisper in my ear
Anger he sits and tells me all that you fear,
He is here
He’s here to stay
Anger is the hole
In which we lay
Anger is
And Anger will
Always be with us

He is in me, and he is in you
He can make you do
What he wants you to
Anger will make you, Make you cry, It can make you want to die
Anger can make you
Go insane
Anger…. A blood filled rain
No more anger
No more…..
Walk to the bright light
Shinning through that door…
Not knowing what’s in store
But even then
Anger lives on
But you… nevermore! i feel like shedding tears, *sniffs** where's my handke?